Vintage Tees that Matter

Logo tees are like tattoos, they are a proclamation of what we love, making the ultimate statement. For most of us logo tees were actually our first bout with the ability to express yourself in fashion. It all starts out with Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Spider-Man then it transitions to vacations spots (in my instance a Hard Rock Cafe collection) onto boy bands, rockstars (or Bieber these days) to one’s college or university, then ending on luxury brand logos and important or silly words/quotes.

Many of these t-shirts become collectible memories of different times in our life when we were practically obsessed, so much so, we chose to proclaim it dead front and center.

This vintage George Michael t-shirt will always be an all-time favourite of mine because of the memory it came with. My mom took me to the Faith tour in 1991. I was so in love with George Michael that I cut a bunch of roses from our garden and made a bouquet, wrapped wet paper towels in tin foil around the stems to keep them alive until I gave them to my idolized, George.  We had 7th row at the concert and when I had the chance I ran up to the front row and propelled my bouquet, of now wilting roses, as hard as I could at George, i wanted him to receive my home-made token of love. Well, my aim is quite good and I nearly knocked George right in the head as he ducked away quickly, like he was dodging a bullet! Oooops, big oooops. I was pulled away by three large security guards who shouted at me and basically wanted to evict me, I was 12 and asked them to take me back to my mom.  They escorted me back to her with a warning, to stay away from the stage and far away from George Michael.  Needless to say, after being so mortified that I may have scared the begeezers out of my darling George, I’m sure my experience never came close to the crazy fans and scenarios he would have to dodge along in his long career.  I never stopped loving George and I never got rid of the tshirt that we bought in the parking lot that night at the concert, the tshirt that I’m wearing here in these photos 28 years later.

I went to the Cover to Cover tour concert, which was three years after the Faith tour, but I was so obsessed with Faith and they were selling these in the parking lots, like they long ago always did.

(Recently, at a karaoke bar in Dallas I did a tribute to my adored George Michael singing ‘One More Try’, you can find on my Instagram January 7, 2017)

I’ve created an edit of my current favourite logo tshirts which you can shop below, but this is the best current re-addition of a George Michael concert tee.

The latest addition to my jeans and a tee mix are these Gucci slides. If someone would have told me years ago that I’d be wearing fur lined mules I would’ve called them crazy but these shoes are soon to be iconic. I seriously recommend you check these guys out as they have so many great styles in so many great prints.

Jacket | Balmain

Tshirt | Vintage Original (similar here and here)

Jeans | Mother

Bag | Thale Blanc

Slides | Gucci

Sunglasses | Taylor Morris



On location at: The Rosewood London

Photos by: Rebecca Botin


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