My Evening Hair Essentials

Juliet's evening hair styling essentialsMason Pearson hairbrush Made in England, I have been using Mason Pearson brushes forever. With a price tag of $100/£70 you may think that is ridiculously expensive but not when you’ve owned one and notice the difference. The quality makes them last a long time.

Babyliss ‘Boutique’ curling iron Salon hair has never been so easy. This curling iron gives me the wave that Gisele seems to have naturally when she rolls out of bed.

Batiste ‘Dry Shampoo’ This product has changed my life! I use think that I had to wash my hair every day for it to not look to greasy and shiny, now I wash my hair every 3 days and use this on the days in between. However, as a brunette I urge other brunettes to stick to the original for all hair types, the one specifically for brunettes has a brown tint that get on your clothes, hands and towels. Using this dry shampoo, my hair has never felt better. PS – I’ve tried other dry shampoos and they just don’t compare.

Davines ‘Sea Salt Spray’ 100ml I don’t use hairspray, instead I use this Davines sea salt spray as I want my hair to have movement. The smell is heavenly and makes you feel like for a second you are on the beach somewhere and the texture makes your hair really look effortless. I prefer the 100ml size as it’s easier to hold and travel with, I find the 250ml just a bit too big.

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