My London Pub Guide

For when you’re west…

Angelsea Arms – listen up, if you are looking for a fun place for happy hour during the summer months, look no further! This pub is young, fun and really comes into its own in June with its bustling outdoor patio packed with picnic tables. I used to frequent the Angelsea Arms when I first moved to London.  NOTE:  It is the original ​”Home of the Juliet White Wine Spritzer”

Hollywood Arms – this place is my kinda pub I cannot recommend it enough. It is exactly what its name implies (a pub with a little bit more glamour, pub chic if you will) a gorgeous gastro pub! Next door to one of my favourite restaurants (Brinkley’s) I’ve run into many famous Chelsea faces here.

The Churchill Arms – Built in 1750, this pub is one of the oldest and most traditional on my list. Frequented by Winston Churchill’s Grandparents (hence the name). The pub itself is traditional in the sense in the fact that it is quite dark and ‘cosy’ but boy the outside sure makes for a gorgeous Instagram in the summer.

The Phene – Love the outdoor space at this pub and the menu has a wide range of options for vegans, vegetarians & celiacs which is always a bonus. We have shot some Ladies of London episodes here  (note: where Julie tries pretending that I should be concerned about Caroline Stanbury being a bad friend. Thanks but no thanks Julie!)

The White Horse – This pub is a favorite with many Chelsea locals and little tip – all of them refer to it as “The Sloaney Pony” not The White Horse. Its large inside with incredible Chesterfield sofas, roaring fires and good wholesome pub food. Its quintessentially British so if you can head there to celebrate the Queens birthday or the Oxford/Cambridge boat race (you won’t regret it I promise!)

For when you’re east…

Prince Arthur -The Prince Arthur tucked away down a quiet side street in the middle of  in the fashionable Old Street /Hoxton/Islington part of London. East London is where to go if you are a fan of ale this place is constantly featured in the Good Beer Guide because of it’s well-kept ales but you won’t spent ages waiting at the bar because of its secret location.

The Cat & Mutton  – A party pub. A DJ spins live music until 1am on weekends and they have a fantastic Monday Jazz night. It comes into its own when the sun comes out. In the summer East London locals spend all day BBQ’ing with friends in near, by ‘London fields’ then they move the party to The Cat & Mutton when the sun goes down.

Sebright Arms – Come here if you love live music. The Sebright Arms is famous in insider circles for their live shows. The likes of Vance Joy, Charli XCX and The Lumineers have played here among many others.

Pub On The Park  – Pub On The Park, the best pub to watch major sporting events because it has 7 giant screens and is always packed with hundreds of fans looking for a great time. On Sundays hang out in the park then head in for a roast it’ll be the perfect end to your week.

& for when you’re in the middle 

The Cross Keys  – In the centre of London most pubs have been replaced by chains but The Cross Keys is an incredible Victorian Pub right by Covent Garden and if you ever find yourself in the area I really hope you give them some love. The outside is covered in foliage the inside is floor to celing ornaments, mirrors, pictures, horse brasses, road signs, brass pots, and even the odd stuffed fish. There’s even a small collection of Beatles memorabilia, and my person favourite a napkin signed by Elvis Presley!

Th Dog & Duck – I might not look like it but I grew up reading George Orwell and so i found it kinda exciting to visit his local! The fact that Madonna is often spotted here had nothing to do with it i swear…

The Star Tavern  – This pub was known during the fifties and sixties as the hangout for London’s inner circle of master criminals. I imagine they would’ve loved sitting in this pub sipping a glass of  Dom Perignon so if you go make sure you oblige!

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