You guys knowI love starting the day with a good workout. It gets the juices flowing, gives you that natural high, and as much as I may dread going at times, I always feel so much better afterwards. I get so many recommendations asking for all of my London favorites —- I post a lot of my dance videos on Instagram and trt to post my daily workouts on stories, but if you’re wondering exactly what I like to stay active and fit, here are all of my favorite workout studios in London.


My favorite class here is meta kx. It’s all strength, circuits, and multiple non-stop rounds. It’s amazing. I feel like it’s really helped my body shape, especially for toning. It’s an assortment of classes and you just pay per class. There’s no membership. They offer yoga, bar, dance, HIIT, boxing, spin — tons of options, whatever you’re in the mood for that day . All of the best of the best come here for classes. I really recommend it.




KO Box is like boxing in a nightclub. There’s crazy lights, hip hop music, and really fun vibes. It’s fun to go with a friend because you parter up, and alternate between floor and bag. And there’s a bunch of locations so you have options depending on the area you’re in.

LOCATIONS | Chelsea, City, Marylebone



This class makes me feel like I’m a Laker’s girl or a backup dancer for Beyonce. Every class is a different choreographed dance that we break into steps, taught by professional dancers. It’s fun to current songs, all your top 40’s. Good for the brain because you have to remember, and good for the soul because the musics always fun. And a great workout because by the end you run the routine so many times and end up forgetting how many calories you burn while you’re just dancing!

LOCATIONS | See Website



It’s so far east that I don’t get to go here a ton, but I found this place during a Fabletics event with Kate Hudson. It’s another really cute studio space for dance/cardio workout classes. The routines are really fun — Steph the founder taught us herself, and you just let loose. It’s less routine driven, more dance/exercise intervals.

LOCATIONS | Hackney 




This popular pay-per-class studio has it all — Cycle, Rowing, Circuit training, trx, power yoga, mat pilates and more. Their locations in Kensington and Knightsbridge always bring in a good vibe and you get an option of everything, so you can stick to one place for everything you’d want in a workout.

LOCATIONS | Kensington, Knightsbridge


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