National Girls & Women in Sports Day with Athleta


As a mom, it’s so important for me to show Gigi that she really can do anything she puts her mind to. School, dance, Gymnastics, Tennis—- She’s my little mini me, and I always want her to feel supported and empowered in everything she does.

I remember how hard it was being her age. Your body’s changing, you’re becoming a little woman. I think as girls, it’s not only important, but necessary to have a role model to always turn to and look up to. Gigi knows I am always her biggest and greatest fan. I’m here to support her passions and help her discover what she loves and is good at, even if it takes time out of my schedule. She’s an amazing dancer, a beautiful ballerina. She’s put so much hard work in since she was two years old, and has seen first hand, with hard work comes recognition.

She’s smaller than most of the kids her age, which can be challenging in certain sports. But I’ve always lead by example teaching her that small can also be mighty. Like Athleta encourages, I let her try everything that she wants to, like my mom did for me, to let her discover her passions without limitations.

As a supporter of the empowering message of National Girls & Women in Sports Day, I cherish these little moments where we can match in our Athleta gear and enjoy the sports we love, together. To celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports day, Gigi and I headed to one of our favorite dance studios for some quality bonding & dancing. Gigi wore her Athleta Girls jacket, top, and leggings, I wore my coordinating Athlete Jacket, Bra, and Leggings — all perfect for doing what we love, dancing like no body’s watching!

I live my life fearlessly, unapologetically me, and it’s such an incredible thing as a mom to watch Gigi come into her own, similarly, finding herself and her own passions. She’s very much a strong Athleta Girl, and together we’re each embracing the #powerofShe in our Athleta gear to be the best versions of who we are!


BRA | Athleta Womens Suryana Strappy Bra Coastal Teal

LEGGINGS | Athleta Womens Contender Laser Cut 7/8 Tight

JACKET | Athleta Womens Rhythmic Hoodie Marl Grey


TOP| Athlete Girl See Ya Layer Tee Purple Flourish Neon

LEGGINGS | Athleta Girl Stash Your Treasures Capri Goodnight Nora

SWEATSHIRT | Athleta Girl Smoker Crew Grey Heather


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