Lolë White Tour 2017 in Montréal

lole white tour 2017 montreal

I get asked all the time about my workout routine and believe me, I’ve always been sporty and lived an active lifestyle. From a very young age, I danced and figure skated before I started sports in high school. What’s always worked best for me has been a combination of tennis, dance and yoga, mixed in with some core, strength training.

You can usually find me on my Instagram stories dancing along to a class or heading every Sunday to play tennis with my husband. What you don’t often see is my yoga practice. For one, you shouldn’t bring an iPhone into a zen atmosphere. And second, as much I love the loud music and determination that comes along with dance and tennis, sometimes I enjoy to slow things down and bring a balance into my chaotic life and routine. After years of running 5 miles a day on the treadmill, I’ve grown to want more from my workouts – to have fun, better a skill, strengthen my core and soothe my chakras. This is where yoga comes in.

A couple of weeks ago, the athleisure brand, Lolë, invited me to its hometown of Montréal for a tour of their headquarters and the annual Lolë White Tour 2017. Montréal will forever hold a sweet spot as there is where I lived with Gregor before I moved to London almost seven years ago. My daughter Georgina was actually born in Montréal and it represents some of the happiest of times for me  – just the beginning of my family. So of course I was ecstatic to combine a trip down memory lane with a global wellness event for an amazing brand.

lole white tour 2017 lole white tour 2017

Lolë is more than just an athleisure brand, it’s a well-being and lifestyle that has no limits. The Lolë team is super dedicated to creating dynamic activewear that blends style, fashion and function for the active individual. Every product is designed to cater the needs of people while striving to create a positive impact on the environment. The brand caters to active individuals who live by their motto, “Live Out Loud Every Day” which I instantly identified with.  Lolë believes in creating that harmonious balance between urban active life and nature which is why Montréal is the perfect location for its headquarters.

lole white tour 2017

The Montréal Lolë White Tour 2017 was an incredible experience. Imagine almost 10,000 people coming together to celebrate their passion for life and enjoy this extraordinary opportunity. The atmosphere was beyond inspirational and really made you take a deep breathe and look around at so many other individuals who want to promote the same peace and well-being as you. The tour not only ties together the community, but provides any opportunity for personal growth at a whole new level. Lets just say as I was going through my poses, I couldn’t be prouder to be representing a Montréal homegrown brand.

You can follow Lolë on IG @lolewomen

lole white tour 2017 lole white tour 2017 lole white tour 2017 lole white tour 2017

Thank you Lolë for the experience of a lifetime. I’ve put together some of my favourite Lolë looks below so you can join in the fun that comes with Living Out Loud Everyday!











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