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Thanksgiving has past, my birthday celebrations are over and now its time to deck the halls with boughs of holly! Can you believe there are only 3 more Monday’s till Christmas? Normally I’d be a complete grinch about this but this year there is no need to panic because has got me covered so I can  spend the season focused on the important things, like making it a special memorable time for my kids.

I remember how special it was decorating the house getting ready for Santa, (aka Father Christmas here in the UK).  I loved the holidays and now that I have kids of my own I love the Christmas season so much more.

Its a busy time of year, its easy to get caught up in parties and presents so its fun to just take some time to enjoy the lead up to Christmas and the New Year with the people who matter most.  So I went on in search of some fun and i was not disappointed! I found so many things to keep the kids busy and excited on the weekends leading up to Christmas Day, and it was all so easy (now i know how Santa does it!)

This past weekend my family spent some time together by the fire writing our wish lists (personalised christmas wish lists so Santa knows exactly who’s she’s buying for!) and doing some christmas crafting! I loved the idea of the kids making their own Christmas signs and I plan on keeping them as decorations for the years to come. We stayed warm by sipping hot coco from our new festive mugs (extra marshmallows in Georgina’s!) and for when things get loud (which they so often do with young kids) I have the ‘That’s It! I’m Calling Santa Wood Sign’ to restore peace and quiet! doesn’t just do crafts it also does clothes! I got these amazing Children’s Naughty/Nice T-shirts and my very own “I’m on the Naughty List” Adult Sweatshirt to insure we all look as festive as they feel. Christmas Jumpers (thats what they call sweaters this side of the Atlantic) are a must have for the holiday season, they are a lot of fun for the whole family and we all know how much I love fun fashion


AngusJuliet-2012AngusJuliet-2105AngusJuliet-2004 AngusJuliet-2097 AngusJuliet-2063-2 AngusJuliet-2084


“I’m on the Naughty List” Adult Sweatshirt

Children’s Naughty/Nice Sibling Tshirts

Sleeps Till Christmas Chalkboard

That’s It! I’m Calling Santa Wood Sign

Nice List/Naughty List Mug

Personalized (Georgina’s) Christmas Wish List

Personalized (Truman’s) Christmas Wish List

Gingerbread Xmas Lists Notebook

Dear Santa (Father Christmas) Letters

Christmas Kids Craft Sign Making

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