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Juliet Angus rock n roll

I’m quite outspoken about how much I just absolutely love living in London and how grateful I am to have such an incredible experience living abroad. Just the same – I am outspoken about how much I love the US and miss my friends, family, drive thru ATM’s, Target, Annie’s Organic Mac ‘N Cheese, Jiffy blueberry muffins, In-N-Out Burger, La Scala chopped salads, Urthe Caffe Bobba green tea and celebrating the 4th of July on American soil. (My kids don’t finish the school year till July 12!) I am proud of where I came from as a daughter of two immigrant parents from Poland. I was born and raised in Chicago then went off to the University of Southern California in LA where I lived for 14 years. With two years in New York in between, I then moved to Montreal and got married all before moving to London almost 7 years ago.

Some may say ‘people never change’ but I definitely can say i’ve changed in the last 7 years. Not in a 360 kind of way, but in little things here and there. I’ve seen the difference in my decision making as I now take time with decisions instead of going on impulse. I also used to care a lot more about what people thought of me in my 20’s and early 30’s. As I raise my two munchkins (Georgina just turned 9 and Truman is 6.5) with the most supportive, loving best friend and husband of my dreams – I feel a confidence within me that I can honestly say I may have never, ever felt before. Confident that I am a great mother and wife, confident that I am a loyal friend and confident that I am moving towards the right direction in my career.

This new career is where even confidence can be tested. Making a statement isn’t always just what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Confidence is key with any look.

Being an 80’s baby, music especially Rock ‘n Roll has been a huge part of my life. Rock stars were never afraid to try something new or unconventional and make it their own. That’s exactly how I feel about my personal fashion style – it should be fun and fearless, no matter what city I’m in or my age. That Rock ‘n Roll groupie style has lived in my wardrobe for years and I’m loving the modern revival of the statement tee, denim jacket and leather skirt. From Isabel Marant to ASOS, that rocker vibe is there whether its on the first page or fifth.

Juliet Angus Rock n Roll Juliet Angus rock n roll Juliet Angus rock n roll rat and boa, usa vintage tshirt


Top |  Vintage (similar here)

Jacket |  Helmut Lang

Skirt |  Rat & Boa (similar here)

Bag |  Gucci

Booties |  Rupert Sanderson (similar here)

Sunglasses | Linda Farrow


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