Autumn in London with GAP

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My first job when I was 16 was at the GAP so it’s no coincidence with three decades apart that mine, my daughter’s and son’s first pair of jeans were all from the GAP.  As America’s true first denim brand and a lover of mega fashion, I’m just as keen on a classic.

With so many denim companies out there, you’re bound to try something new.  I had forgotten just how good a pair of GAP jeans fit until I put on these 1969 destructed authentic true skinny jeans.  At under $100, these jeans are worth every dollar and spending double on another brand seems unnecessary.  Just looking on at all the new washes and styles, you can see they have mastered the mass – there is something great for everyone.

I may sometimes choose style over comfort, but with my children comfort proceeds and style follows.  Truman may never have to know that I put him in his sister’s skinny GAP jeans to make him look like a true rockstar… GAP is truly the perfect family fit.

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The holidays are also a perfect time to spoil oneself with cozy and comfy clothes. A great new sweater, faux fur lined parka or the perfect pair of jeans all from the GAP. Here are some of my favorite holiday gift ideas!

Sweater | Gap

Jeans | Gap

Parka | Gap

Boots | (Gap Version Here)

Photos by Christie Nowels

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