Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury’s Color Chameleon Eye Pencils

I met the gorgeous, super fun, energetic, statuesque, red head bombshell that is Charlotte Tilbury two years ago at a party in London – I was drawn to her immediately. She is one of the most sought after make up artists in the world and it is no coincidence that since launching her fabulous make-up and skincare line, I am hooked.

I will keep repeating my mantra, my beauty routines needs to be easy – and her line is just that – totally effortless. With the Colour Chameleon pencils she has done the work for you picking colors that look best day and night for blue, green, hazel and brown eyes. Yes, the Dark Pearl and Amber Haze are best for my brown eyes, but I also love the pencils for hazel eyes (Smoky Emerald & Golden Quartz), as well as the ones for green eyes (Amethyst Aphrodisiac & Bronzed Garnet). I also like Champagne Diamonds to blend and mix with the darker colors. So basically, I use them all.

I also love the Golden Goddess & Uptown Girl Luxury Palette eye shadows to sometimes blend with the eye shadow pencils.

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