The Grand Bellevue || Gstaad Travel Guide

Europe is full of gorgeous ski villages. Gstaad’s always at the top of everyone’s list and a place we’ve been wanting to visiting since moving here. Since we always take a family ski trip every year and weren’t able to ski in Europe last year, we were so excited to go on this family trip with Perfect Moments and stay at the Grand Bellevue Gstaad. I’ve curated our trip and experience into a detailed Gstaad Travel Guide.


Any ski holiday in France is is bit of planes, trains, and automobiles. Most ski resort towns are at least an hour to two hour drive from the nearest airport, Gstaad included. Getting here we flew out of London Gatwick, although convenience wise I’d recommend Heathrow, and flew into GENEVA airport (GVA).

TRANSFER || One of the greatest parts of Grand Bellevue is their hospitality. The hotel transportation van picked us up as soon as we landed in Geneva. They have a white glove service that helped us with all of our luggage and made sure our two hour drive to the Grand Bellevue Gstaad was comfortable.


Upon arriving to the Grand Bellevue Gstaad, we all immediately felt at home. The receptionists greeted us with homemade hot chocolate and delicious homemade cookies while our rooms were being prepared. We had a little tour of the hotel, checked out the restaurants, spa, kids club, cinema, relaxation rooms, and went to the lower ground floor to the hotel’s private ski shop to be fitted for our ski boots so we could hit slopes bright and early the next day.

Usually when I travel to the mountains I love that over the top, woody, alpine, chalet-lodge vibe but even though its not a lodge there’s something about how cosy it was it almost felt like you were staying at your house. The decor was beautiful. More modern, so welcoming. I’ve heard so often that Gstaad is “The” place and there can often be “lifestyles of the rich and famous vibes in these mountain towns, but we didn’t find Gstaad to be that way at all despite it’s caliber of luxury. You have your Hermes, your Pradas, Dolce and Gabbana, Moncler, but the whole vibe of the town was familiar and personable. Not stuffy like I would have expected at all.


During our stay we stayed in the Etoile Suite. The beds were super comfortable, the decor really clean and nice. The bathroom was a big selling point. At night we’d light up the twinkle lights, and the kids would watch TV in the bath while I de-frosted after the slopes. 


The spa at the Grand Bellevue is heavenly. They’re known for having one of the best of the best spas in Europe and most recently have added Dr. Barbara Sturm services who I love and have been going to for years. Post skiing, the spa quickly became our highlight of each day. We’d ski in the mornings and head here every evening. I had a great 60 minute massage in their actual treatment rooms but even if you aren’t booking a service, you can still come here daily, sit for hours in their many steam and sauna rooms. The pink crystal steam room and the one that smelled like summer were my two favorites but you can get lost in the options and lose track of time.

While Gregor and I would steam, the kids loved the pool. They have a beautiful indoor heated pool and turbo Jacuzzi for the whole family and another more private outdoor heated pool Gregor and I or Gigi and I would sit in in the evenings underneath the stars.


The food here was some of the best of the best from any mountain resort. We ate at Leonard’s, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant several nights and the food was incredible. When visiting, you have to order the dover sole, the artichoke salad, and caviar if you’re hooked like me. 

The Bar is their other more casual dining option but the food here is just as good. The sushi, surprisingly was some of the best sushi I’ve had in my entire life. They spoke freeze the fish on the spot and are able to preserve that same freshness as if you were on a beach side holiday. They had an in house pianist that would serenade the guests late into the evenings too. Even if you don’t end up staying at the Grand Bellevue it’s still worth coming here to experience the cuisine. 


As I mentioned, we really loved the village of Gstaad. It just felt like Cheers. Everybody knows your name. After one day you start to see the same people walking the streets. It has more of a little neighborhood village vibe. A ski village can sometimes be big, but it’s just one little town center. It became my mission to find fondue so we booked in lunch at Restaurant Hotel Rossi, recommended by the hotel. And you’ll also have to get the alps best pizza at Rialto. We loved it so much we had it twice. 


We had a bit of bad luck weather wise on our trip. The first ski day was glorious. It was so sunny! The hotel took us to Horneggli, one of the best mountains to ski. We had hot chocolates  and drinks at the top, toured the Iglu-dorf Hotel (this insane spot at the top of the mountain where you can sleep in an Igloo for the night) and took the kids on some of the back runs to ski off piste. Our second day when we were supposed to ski, it poured down raining and sadly melted most of the snow. Instead we stuck to the Grand Bellevue spa and vacationed in true R&R fashion. Thankfully we were able to get back on the mountain the next day as Eggli lift was open. All the kids wanted to do was ski so we got several more runs in in our Perfect Moment looks before heading back to the airport and getting back to London.


On the fashion front, I’ve already linked all of my Perfect Moment ski looks on my ski shop guide HERE. If you’re packing or looking for Inso for what to wear skiing, read this post. In town, we kept it pretty coordinated. Gigi and I matched in our Mootboots, Gregor and I had matching Pendleton, big faux fur coats by Popski London were essential. I’ve linked everything here for in town and brands below.

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