The Daily Edited Travel Accessories

I travel a ton and people are always asking me how I do it. One of my biggest tips is having good travel accessories to stay organized, especially on long haul flights. The Daily Edited has the best travel lifesavers from passport pouches to monogrammed luggage tags, and my #1 must-have, a great travel cosmetic case. I’ve been buying from this brand for years. The quality is great and their accessories are really practical. My color of choice is usually classic monogrammed black made of vegan leather, but they have several styles and colors — this clear case included, which I just got & love how easy it is to see all of your products. The family and I are currently off to Mauritius, clear cosmetic case, travel wallet, phone case, and makeup bags in tote! They have so many great things to simplify travel & life — I’ve liked a lot of my classic & newer favorites below… and they have great Men’s items too, Gregor loves his.


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