Relaxed in Range Rover Road Trips and City Commutes


We’ve lived in London for seven years now (when did that happen?!?!) and, as with most things the longer you stick with something the more comfortable you become. London is not the easiest city to settle into, things are different here from that of the states. For example, driving!  Driving on the right side of the road (literally) was the wrong side for me and it definitely took time adjusting to the narrow neighbourhood roads, that were once built to accommodate horse and carriages not mom’s on a mission in large SUV’s at school drop.

Having previously owned both a Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover while living in the US and Canada, I found myself scaling down in vehicle size in London to confidently maneuver through the streets in my encounters with very intimidating taxi drivers and fearless truck drivers.  I am good driver, safe, confident and highly knowledgeable in navigating the city.  While making size a priority, I neglected important elements in a family vehicle.  Most importantly, space – do you think it’s easy for me to pack into one small bag even if its for a weekend in the country? You’re right, it’s not! I’m often bringing enough clothes to last me a month!  And secondly, comfort, in the front seats, as well as, the back seats.  For too long a time, car companies were only adding features like heated seats, adjustable recline and glass sunroofs to be enjoyed in the front, when rear passengers are just as important to think of, in my case, they are my most precious cargo!

Enter into my life the new Range Rover Supercharged V6 and every prior fear of driving a large vehicle in London is now, null and void.  Easy to handle, smooth to drive, with features like panoramic views of all angles on the car, speed control detection, parking aid functions, front seat massages, all these features to provide a stress free drive.  Plus, with plushy perks throughout the vehicle for all passengers, I won’t be hearing the kids ask “Are we there yet?” on the two hour drives to the country.  The kids are chillin’ in the back with reclinable seats, a panoramic sunroof, rear seat entertainment system fitted with two screens on the back of the front seat headrests, and a remote control, allowing them to listen to a different audio source than the front.  For Georgina and Truman, the journey out of town is now half the fun!

And as for me, I can now finally again enjoy my journey, not just the destination.



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