Our Family Car from City to Countryside: The Range Rover Autobiography from Landrover UK

Finding a car that suits your family needs, is like finding the right partner in life.  Someone who will always reliably be there for you, wants to be there for whatever the journey you hope to take, whisk you away when life gets tough and you need a break from it all and can handle all your baggage. That car for our family is the Landrover, Range Rover Autobiography.

As a family, we like to getaway and go on road trips, a lot, and that’s not to escape our life, its to enjoy it to the fullest. To explore, have an adventure, see new places and connect with one another outside of our daily routines. We are lucking to have the gorgeous English landscape as our playground for exploration. We have been to so many beautiful cities on the coast and in the countryside (see my Cotswolds Guide to places to stay) in our Range Rover Autobiography, but there are so many more we’d like to see.

The Range Rover Autobiography lets us be adventurous, whether we decide to pack up at the last minute to head out for the day or the weekend, or whether we plan in advance. To know we will get wherever we choose to go in style, comfort and with safety at its core, let’s us set off easily on our constant mini trips.


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