Workout Wear Upgrades

Working out has become more important than ever now. Whether it’s at home, a run outdoors, or if you’re lucky enough to have gyms open near you, feeling good and looking good helps to keep spirits high. 

This year, I’ve spent a lot of time working out at home with Isaac Boots, Instagram live work-outs, which are available every day at 11am EST/4pm GMT. All you need is a mat, ankle weights, some bands, and a good active set to lift, pulse, and sweat at home. 

While I miss going to Soul Cycle and dance classes, I’ve kept busy moving through all these lockdowns in London. I’m lucky to have Hyde Park near my home for a bundled long walk with my family and dogs, or a run to get those endorphins going. 

Staying in and staying safe doesn’t mean we have to stay on the couch. Keep moving and hoping that soon enough we’ll be out again, and when we return to life as we once knew it, we’ll feel good about ourselves, body, and mind. So keep positive and get a sweat on with all these great workout essentials. Sending love and strength to you all wherever you are. 

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