Sequins and Stripes From Flannels

I’m always channeling Sporty Spice and ironically wearing a Victoria Beckham sequin jacket. Flannels has been a new fun discovery here in the UK – quick delivery always good stock. I picked out these retro track pants, faded logo tee, and sequin tux blazer — all from Flannels — to wear to the European Wrinkle in Time premiere. I like that you can dress any of these pieces up or down. Together they pulled off the perfect look for a very special evening with my children to see the film and listen to Oprah Winfrey, someone who has always been a mega role model to me.


JACKET | Victoria by Victoria Beckham 

TRACK PANTS |  Zoe Karssen

LOGO SHIRT | Zoe Karssen


SHOES | Balenciaga


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