Athleta Stretch Your Limits

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It’s hard not having Gigi as my baby anymore, but as she grows up we’ve become buddies and get to do everything together. We’re both super active, its just part of our family lifestyle and love that Athleta has collections for both of us to stretch our limits and embrace our on-the-go lives.

This is the first time Georgie is actually wearing athleisure in her pre-teen years. She’s a ballerina, on the gymnastics squad, and become super sporty. As she gets more athletic its so cute seeing her come into her own, paying more attention to matching things and looking more like mom. 

 Georgie recently told me that she’d like to start wearing set more like what I wear to the gym. I didn’t have the first clue of where to get cute kids workout clothes until I discovered Athleta Girls. Before it was T-shirts and shorts, now it’s color blocked tights and coordinating bras and headbands.. just like mine. Georgina is very particular about her outfits, (I have no idea where she gets that from…..) Her main criteria for clothing is a bit more simpler though. It must be super soft and comfortable. This is coming from a little girl who once said cashmere was to scratchy and skinny jeans were too tight.

After a day out in London wearing our matching outfits for some exercise in Hyde Park, Athleta got her seal of approval and I concur. She refused to take off her butter soft hoodie and I loved the silky smooth feel of the tights. It’s nice to have a brand that’s more reliable than the weather… but even a rainy day couldn’t hold us back! I love that we get to enjoy all of our favorite activities in outfits that are great in price and style and am savoring these special moments with my mini me while she wants to spend quality time together.



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