Everyday Makeup Routine

I always get so many questions about my ‘no-makeup makeup’ and what I use. Everyone is different but for me, I like my makeup to enhance my skin as opposed to cover it completely. That being said we all need a little help to cover the imperfections sometimes. With the right beauty regime, you can strike the balance between looking and feeling like yourself so here are some of my everyday beauty products.


When it comes to foundation, I don’t rely on just one – I try to adapt my foundation regime depending on how my face is looking and feeling that day.

A bb cream is great for everyday wear and instantly makes my skin look healthy (even when I’m jet lagged and dehydrated). I start most days with  Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream. It’s ultra light on my skin and the perfect amount of moisturizer so it doesn’t feel heavy.

On days when I need a little more coverage I’ll follow my bb cream with a concealer. I’m currently obsessed with Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Concealer…there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use it! The texture is great and the formula color is super natural to correct anything you’re trying to cover up. The seamless application makes it easy to use for on-the-go moments. (I use 2W Light Medium Warm)


Bronzer isn’t just a summertime thing when you live in England! It quickly became my best friend for giving my face a little warmth year round. The Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer is my favourite find – one layer and it and it gives you a light sun kissed look. It even contains anti-ageing abilities so who doesn’t love that!


I couldn’t live without my Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color, it’s my little secret. I put just a little in the corner near my bridge to help open my eyes. Sometimes I’ll even use this color all over the lid to lighten up my eyes. Works wonders if you’re jet lagged too…

I’ve always been Brown eyeliner during the day (Laura Mercier bronze or Juice Beauty are my go to’s) and black eyeliner at night (Charlotte Tilbury). Lining your eyes is a really easy way to make your eyes pop. I’ve become obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s eye pencil sticks if I want to have a little fun at night with purple and green shades. They’re beyond easy to blend and great for those smokey evening eyes.

If you’re looking for an amazing eye shadow palette, once again you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock Chic & Legendary Muse palettes.


I love sharing my beauty tips and products with you all so look out for more coming soon! x

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